Agreve P.A.S (Plateau Asylum Solidarity) who care for years mainly refugees from Albania, Ukraine, Kosovo but Algeria ….

Mrs. Mermet Bouvier, member of CIMADE 43 stressed that the choice of manifest Mezenc was dictated by the desire to show that this place, a symbol of traditional welcome, does not belong to M.Wauquiez. Mr.

Fabreguet, historian, for its part recalled the tradition of welcoming the close Vivarais-Lignon plateau. From the late nineteenth century, Pastor Louis Comte creates “Children in the mountains” to place children of working families of Saint-Etienne in the summer. In the 1930s, Spanish refugees move there, and during the Second World War, pastoralists and peasants mobilize to receive German opponents of the Nazi regime, families from Belgium and northern France and, from 1941, hiding Jews.

We participated also in this event, with other members of the Building ICEM met in Yssingeaux, and by exchanging with other people, we were able to measure the impact of this call. Indeed, despite the bad weather, people came with family or friends, Haute-Loire and Ardeche, but also from Lyon, Grenoble and Valence. We interacted with activists of associations as representatives of St.

Agreve P.A.S (Plateau Asylum Solidarity) who care for years mainly refugees from Albania, Ukraine, Kosovo but Algeria …. The council puts a building at their disposal and the association is responsible for their daily papers, teaching French. And we also met very many people who do not belong to any political party, have no voluntary commitment, but had come because they felt concerned by the refusal of solidarity displayed.

Marjolaine Billebault We finally proposed some preliminary tracks in the development of advice that can accompany the drafting of an interview questionnaire: – explain who we are and why we question, – be aware of your posture: ask for a folder or a report responding to a question that we ask or to reflect an event in which we participated – ask for a short-realized (article, paper) or as part of a search for more major (file type TPE) – query based on the time available with his interlocutor, – for students: test their questionnaire buddies (avoid questions “duplicates” learn to raise) – provide the material: pencil and notebook hardware or sound or video camera (think of the image rights), … – Read complete interview, Marjoram Billebault Thomas Bodet Sophie Boisselier Eva Merhand Print Add comment

1 to 10 from 11 Results Our visit of the dune … By School Belmontet on 13/04/11 – 5:46 p.m. In: Exploration, Wednesday, April 13 visit Told by Margot Margot Clarisse Clarisse and Chloe Chloe 2010-2011 8 comments Read more Caroline and extraterrestrial for School Guerche on 27/06/11 – 12:44 in: Exploration, visit French> Scripture-reading it once was carolina. She makes the piano and dance.

Next Saturday Caroline will do a piano competition, but there she is in the classroom, doing math (problem) and she is bored. She has already finished everything, she thinks about her competition. She is very happy ! The days pass. Friday (public holiday) when she gets her dance she sees in her room a … alien! He said: Claire M. 2010-2011 2 comments Read more The wood boiler of La Chaux-du-Dombief For School Prenovel – Round 3 on 10/04/11 – 1:57 p.m.

In: Exploration, Science and Techno visit as part of the Festival of energy, the class visited the wood boiler installed in the village of La Chaux-du-Dombief. This report was produced by cycle 3 students … Class 2010-2011 More Labenne For School Belmontet on 12/04/11 – 6:19 p.m. In: Exploration, visit Monday, April 11, 2011 Reporting Chloe This morning we left at 9:15 am from the school.

Thierry and Jean-Louis put the suitcases in the hold of the bus and we took our bag-to-back picnic at noon. Chloe 2010-2011 2 comments Read more DISCOVERY CLASS D-1 For School Belmontet on 10/04/11 – 24:06 In: Exploration, visit Hello! We are Sunday, April 10, in J-1 of our trip in Labenne-Ocean! See you tomorrow morning at 9 am for the start, and as soon as possible to follow our adventures on this blog … Ninon 2010-2011 Why should we sort our waste?

By School of Guerche on 25/03/11 – 2:53 p.m. In: Exploration, visit Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth to the environment, to conserve natural resources: sand, oil, wood and iron ore. What do we do with these natural resources?

With wood, we make paper and furniture. With the iron ore, is made of metal. With oil, plastics and fuels are produced. With the sand is made of glass.

The class 2010-2011 More Our output Nantes School of the Guerche 24/03/11 – 24:08 In: Exploration, visit the Arts Meeting: 8 hours in the station. The train left at 8:33. The trip will last 16 minutes to Nantes. On the train, the parents and the two mistresses handed us maps which were rated mobile numbers in case we lose.

There was also the color of our group. The class 2010-2011 Learn more We made experiments on water by the School of Guerche 16/02/11 – 2:39 p.m. In: Exploration, visit Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth One experimented on the water with Ludovic, a facilitator of Small resourceful.

It was partitioned we propose group before making a tray to put water we had dirty with dirt, clay, plastic straw pieces, charcoal, sand. We manufactured dirty water and we had to try to make it clean again. Filtered, dirt was removed, with coffee filters, cut empty bottles, small aquarium stones, paper, charcoal.

It took 1 minute dirty water and 25 to 30 minutes trying to make it clean again. the 2010-2011 class More Our theatrical release Prenovel For School – cycle 2 on 03/02/11 – 5:25 p.m. In: Exploration, visit Arts We went Gauche the Cellist. It was a cartoon.

Collective 2010-2011 More Day For Loic School of Guerche on 13/12/10 – 10:39 In: Exploration, French tour Saturday morning at 8 o’clock, I’ll have my breakfast. After 10 H I go to the battery (in the rain, walking). At the end of my course, Florent Thomas, Mickael and I were on the djembe. Then Tom Lillian came to get me, we came back.

We played the Xbox 360. After Tom Lillian and me and then his whole family went to eat. Then we went to handball with pay someone to do my assignment for me
my friends.

Loic 2010-2011 Read more 1 2 next> last »
1 result Results How to inform parents? In: The New Educator parents PEMF For teachers review in September 2000 Educational success of children also involves strengthening ties between the school and parents. Moreover, the originality of our educational practices does not oblige us most often to redouble our explanations?

Martine Cancela-Castier * explains how she set up “time parents” in his class; tour practical communication to parents in which children play a central role. Authors: Catherine Hurtig-Delattre and Martine Cancela-Castier More
1 result Results The New Educator No.

25 In: Rights> Rights of the International child’s learning difficulties The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary pedagogical principles> co> co class Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet Movements > movement Freinet> Freinet pedagogical techniques pedagogy> class organization> worktop teaching techniques> class organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> individualized work in January 1991 Canada, USA, USA, USA Authors: Adrien Pittion Rossillon Alex Lafosse, Andre Lefeuvre, Anne Valin, Arlette Fahier Laurent-Eric Debarbieux Roger Ueberschlag Thierry Ballu and William Lee more
2 Results Youth violence: children and youth exploited in the pre-election campaign (Part Two) In: Company> The New Violence Educator PEMF For teachers review educational principles> Child Rights in November 2001 Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig analysis here, the policy for three years by the Government, in terms of juvenile justice.

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